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How it works

After an initial discussion I will arrange a visit to look at the chair.  I can bring samples of fabrics that could be suitable based on your design preferences and the type of chair.  I'll then quote based on the amount of work and fabric required for the chair, or for the work only if you decide to provide your own fabric.


If you choose loose covers, I will visit you to cut and tailor the covers on the chair - ensuring a perfect individual fit - then take them away to sew and return with the finished covers within two weeks.


If you choose to have your chairs upholstered the wait may be longer.  I will give you an estimated completion date after consultation with you.


I can work with antique - as well as modern - sofas and chairs, using fabrics or leather.  I can produce upholstered headboards of any size or shape.  I can also make replacement seat cushions for chairs.


I can undertake any restoration or respringing required, taking care to use the techniques and materials appropriate to the age/type of chair.